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The Greater Houston Area Wedding Venues


With over seven million residents, the Greater Houston area is a hub of romance by sheer volume alone.  There were over 24,000 weddings in 2023!  With so many people declaring their love, there is a heavy need for locations where these lovebirds can profess their mutual admiration to the world.

In the Greater Houston area, engaged couples have a plenty of locations to choose from.  Popular Houston area wedding venues include the Sans Souci Ballroom, Thompson Houston, The Astorian, and the Woodlands Waterway Marriot Hotel and Convention Center. The greater Houston area encompasses over 10,000 miles! From the lower coast to the inner city, all the way to the forests of The Woodlands, wedding venues Houston area wedding venue windows and grounds speckle the landscape, giving the soon-to-be-wed couple plenty of choices.

Whether a bride wants a modern feel in The Heights or the classic country wedding out of town, Houston, TX provides it all.

There are also more budget friendly wedding venues throughout Houston such as Nouveau Antique Art Venue, Julian Studios, and the Sugarland Ballroom.

There are many things to consider when choosing a wedding venue in the Houston area. Floorplan and layout are critical. The overall feel and style should also be a good fit. Other considerations are the bridal suite, location and parking, temperature controls, grounds for photos, a rain plan, whether or not to choose an all inclusive package, rental duration and accessibility, social responsibility, choosing a corporate owned versus a family owned venue, and of course…the price.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue with All the Best Qualities

One of these wonderful Houston area wedding venues is Venue 311.  Venue 311 is in Plantersville, which is northwest of Tomball and just west of Conroe.  At a more rural location, Venue 311 offers its customers a tranquil beauty not found in the hustle and bustle of the inner city and suburbs.

With an elegant design and its aesthetics taken from the French countryside, Venue 311 delivers something that the rest of the wedding venues in Houston area wedding venue grounds 3 Houston don’t.  Visitors to their website will find the experience begins there.  Reviews on Google testify to the venue’s elegance and beauty.

Not squeezed into the inner parts of Houston, Venue 311 spans over ten acres of lush Texas countryside.  Bridal parties may prepare onsite in classy, separated dressing rooms, accessible from multiple entrances.  Guests may wait for the bride’s entrance in the stunning 2,100 square foot chapel.  And all the attendees can rejoice in celebration within the 6,000 square foot banquet hall.  Truly, Venue 311 takes advantage of its spacious location and offers a roomy and elegant alternative to its Houston brides and grooms.

Venue 311 weddings can be held indoors or outdoors. Should a bride choose to have her wedding ceremony in the outdoor area, her background is set against a scene of the venue’s beautiful pond and serene Texas tree line.

Guest Amenities

Venue 311 has a wonderfully sized back patio where guests can overlook the trim and well-manicured back pasture. There is an outdoor bar area and with the atmospheric lighting, an evening spent reclined on Venue 311’s back porch brings on a mood of tranquility and memories of simpler times.  

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Read what this visitor wrote about Venue 311:

“Such a beautiful gem hidden in the small town of Plantersville! The fact that this venue is designed to have a French country feel immediately made me excited, since who wouldn’t want to get married in France? Everything is so well thought out too, from locations inside and out for great photo opportunities, to having a 2 sided bar that allows the guests on the patio to be served through a window. Our wedding was so neat! The owner Nancy and her daughters are just the sweetest people as well. Highly, highly, highly recommend this venue!”

This is how a married couple wants their ceremony remembered.  Any Houston couple shopping for a wedding venue would do well stopping by Venue 311 for a tour.  

Other Wonderful Points to Consider

Note in the above testimonial how the owners of Venue 311 are highly regarded.  This is the real foundation to a successful wedding.  While caterers, coordinators, decorators, and the venue itself are vital to a successful wedding, a poorly managed venue can ruin everything.  

The owners of Venue 311 highly value their guests.  Just take a look at the “What Do Brides Say” section of the website.  The patrons mention the owners as much as the amenities themselves.

Careful detail is placed in each and every part of the wedding’s events.  From cleanliness, to functional equipment, to responsiveness, Venue 311’s owners are on point.  The majority of Houston area wedding venues are corporately owned. Venue 311 is family owned and operated. Which means the owners and family are in touch with the needs of their brides. If you know friends or family who have been married at one of the big box venues, many will tell you their experience was not the greatest. The family owned element is one of Venue 311’s most valuable asset.

If you are in the Houston area and looking for a wedding venue, consider Venue 311.  This spacious, country-side, expertly designed and cared for venue has so much to offer.  The owners will meet you with kindness and you’ll marvel at its French country feel.