Social Responsibility

The Importance of Making a Positive Impact

In today’s world, businesses are no longer existing just to make profit margins. A commitment to social responsibility and ethical practices is important. Embracing a social cause isn’t just a trend—it’s a fundamental aspect of a sustainable business.

Businesses that actively support a social cause tend to be more trustworthy and credible among consumers, employees, and stakeholders. Venue 311 cares very deeply about the safety of children and women as a whole. Venue 311’s owner is a state licensed women’s health care provider. Our owner resonates with the suffering and injustice of human trafficked victims and children who are suffering from the effects of debilitating disease. Part of Venue 311’s values and mission is to make a positive impact on these pervasive problems. We feel that it is part of our responsibility.

The positive emphasis at Venue 311 also affects our employee morale. Our employee moral affects how are brides and groom’s are treated. Employees enjoy their work at Venue 311. We take care of our employees, just like we take care of our brides. Venue 311 not only wants to make a difference for our newlyweds, but we also want to make a difference in our employee lives and the world.